Hello, I'm Sarah Medway a British landscape photographer from Kent, England.

Quality of light, for me, is the key factor and at the heart of my work. I enjoy the way light transforms the landscape momentarily, revealing cloudscapes, atmosphere, form and textures - I try to capture that moment. I like to explore the integration and effect of weather on landscape, locally where I live in Kent and around the Surrey, Sussex, South and South East Coast of the UK and when travelling further afield.

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Proud to be working with Leeds Castle - The Loveliest Castle in the World. Over the coming year I will be making pictures of the castle through the seasons.

2-10 August 2015 - Light and Land, The Mall Galleries, London I will be taking part in this years landscape photography event - Read more at The Mall Galleries

9-13 September 2015 - I will be exhibiting at the OXO Gallery, London as part of the 'Mistresses of Light' Show organised by Landscapes By Women. Read more at gallery@OXO Tower

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Hello, I'm Sarah Medway - a British landscape photographer based in Kent, England. My work tends to focus on the beautiful Kent, Surrey and Sussex countryside and coastal landscapes surrounding me.

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